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REDUCE YOUR CLEANING COSTS with these Top Quality Products:
Grease Containment Systems
are versatile & easily adapt to various exhaust
fans. Available in a “pail” or “rack” style, these
components generally need to be serviced
during regularly scheduled cleanings.

You won’t have to worry about a rooftop
covered in grease any more
, saving you
money on roof cleanup costs in the process!
Grease Filters
are available in heavy duty galvanized or
stainless steel
to prevent vibration after
installation. Most importantly, they are specifi-
cally constructed to keep flames out of the
exhaust system.

Our UL Listed full height filters eliminate any
“Dead Air” space at the top or bottom. This
allows for 100% filtering of grease laden air
100% of the time.
Exhaust Fan Hinge Kits
allow exhaust fans to be lifted back and
supported during cleanings and inspections.

The NFPA suggests all fans should have
hinges to allow proper access to the fan/vent
and to prevent unnecessary damage to fan
bowls, electrical, & balance mechanisms.
Access Doors
NFPA #96 states: “To prevent fire, proper
inspection and grease removal must be
performed. The only way these systems can
be properly inspected is if proper access
openings are installed strategically through-
out the length of the ducting system.

Our UL Listed Access Doors are available in
galvanized or stainless steel and feature
fire tight seals. Plus, no welding is required!

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